The World of Noro

I haven’t done an update in a while because I’ve been too busy making things.

I whipped up another Wingspan scarf (aka Jester’s Collar) but this time in Noro Taiyo sock yarn, which is perfect for this project. It was quickly snapped up by my beautiful Emily who promptly absconded back to Istanbul with it firmly around her neck.

I love the way it sits around the shoulders. It’s one of the best patterns around for this type of scarf and is available on Ravelry. It used to be free but think you have to pay for it now. Well worth the small outlay.

I found a really good seller of Noro online, located in the US but they have a flat rate shipping fee to Australia of around $20. Needless to say, I went a bit mad.

I got six balls of Takeuma, four balls of Kureyon and one ball of Taiyo sock.

I also got six balls of Koromo.

While I love sitting and looking at all this Noro, I have managed to whip up a few things.

I made the Light and Up pattern from Ravelry but changed the bind off to a K2tog pass it back type bind off because the one used in the pattern seemed to be pulling the edges in too much. I used the Noro Takeuma yarn for this project and got through three and a teeny-bit balls. I love the colours of this and fortunately I’ve finished it just in time for the hot Melbourne summer. It had to be blocked quite aggressively to pull out the top edge as well as the eyelet pattern but wool/silk/viscose blend dried overnight. I love triangle or crescent shaped scarves because you can wear them in more ways than regular rectangle ones.

And last but not least is the vest I made from the Noro Kirara I posted about in the entry below. Just scraped it in with the four balls I had.

So there we have it! A wonderful world of Noro. Happy days.